How To Build A Fitness Habit | 1/3

You want to build a fitness habit, get fitter and healthier. But every time you embark on a new fitness venture, or try to rekindle an old one, your busy life derails you. You find that you manage fits and spurts of effort, but maintaining consistency over a long period is tough. Recognise yourself here? this is for you. A guide to 3 common errors and the somewhat counter intuitive best practices you may replace them with.

Common Errors:

  1. Setting the bar too high.
  2. Over estimating recovery needs.
  3. Not focusing enough on enjoyment.

You’re setting the bar too high. You should dare to start small.

Mental inertia is often the stumbling blocks that prevents exercise habits getting off the ground.


“be brave enough to start small enough” — Jordan B Peterson.

In my 18 year career to date I’ve seen people go from never having lifted a weight in their lives to winning medals in Englands Strongest Woman. People go from couch to 5k, to half marathons and onwards to ultra’s. I’ve seen people go from morbidly obese and sedentary to enthusiastic runners with six packs in a year. But I rarely see anyone do these types of things quickly.


Your brain will resist this simple truth. There is a strange logic in ones mind that achieving a shamefully small win is worse than failing at a worthy goal. If you notice this thinking pushing back at me from your own mind, consider compounding. Compounding progress is just like compounding interest. Your brain can only handle so much change at a time. 104% to be precise, this is known as the ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development).

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